PS Comic Xpo 2018

        We had a blast over the weekend at Palm Springs convention

center, witnessing the birth of a new EXPO! Despite some last

minute guest changes, the final line up turned out to be

something very special indeed. Never before have I seen guests

hopping out of their booths to play fight a giant pink dinosaur

or lessons in light-saber dueling from Darth Maul himself (Ray

Park)! Over the three day event we caught interviews with Sean

Schimmel (Goku), Darren Dalton (The Outsiders), Ray Stevenson

(Punisher, Thor), Julia Vera (Elena of Avalor, Ridiculous Six) and

Janeshia Adams-Ginyard (Black Panther, Avengers, Godzilla: King

of the Monsters).


          We wish we had more time as there were so many incredibly

talented people we didn't get to speak to, but we didn't come

back empty handed! Here are some of the shots we took on the

vendor floor, with our artists and cosplayers and con goers

that make these kind of events worthwhile! Hopefully they will

keep you going until next year...